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Crucial Components of the Practice Management System

Conforming to regulations and compliance needs: With provision for automatic compliance monitoring and regular updates, MPMS helps reduce audit risk liability and the possibility of breach of personal health information, while improving coding and billing accuracy.

Assistance in Billing and Collection: Managing revenue streams becomes possible with efficient coding. MPMS facilitates accurate billing and automates insurance claims submission.

Inventory tracking and controlling: Monitoring inventory cycle, analyzing usage patterns, and automated re-ordering are enabled.

Collaboration and communication: Being able to effectively communicate with the various stakeholders is required for delivering quality care. MPMS must be capable of connecting healthcare providers with all related external entities.

Patient Demographics: Gathering patient information accurately and verifying insurance data is made easy.

Appointment scheduling: Fixing and managing appointments is one time-consuming and regular task in any practice. MPMS offers the efficient and seamless interface that facilitates smooth scheduling process.

Efficient reporting: MPMS provides a number of useful reporting features and helps create informational and effective reports from raw data.

Claims processing: Claim submission is made easier and administrators are enabled to have time for meeting queries.

75Health Practice Management Software System ensures that the various daily administrative operations in the clinical setting are performed in a perfect manner, thus providing administrators control over their workflow. This results in improved revenue generation and financial stability of the practice.

Medical practice management software can be designed in a customized way to cater to the specific needs of different types of medical practices. 75Health MPMS enables healthcare facilities to operate in a more professional and efficient manner.

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