History of aviation..


U.S. and European nations needed to invest millions to develop fast and reliable planes.In 1945 after the Pearl Harbor and atomic bombing in Japan an estimated 3 million people in America were employed in the aviation industry.To prevent large scale lay-off WWII aircraft made at Boeing plants at Seattle, the Lockheed Martin at Burbank and the Douglas aircraft company at Santa Monica.Douglas and Boeing amalgamated as one company and the resulting amalgamation was named “Boeing aircraft corporation.”Lockheed martin Aviation was at an inexorable claim after the beginning of WWI & WWII.went into Aero space and defense production.To retain staff on the assembly line Boeing aircraft corporation converted heavy bombers and transport aircraft for civilian use and this saved the jobs of millions of American aircraft technicians.After WW2 many countries were devastated Japan, Germany, The Philippines and Poland. Rebuilding required air planes. There was heavy Trans-Atlantic air traffic. At the time Boeing held the monopoly in the world of aviation.To build a heavy competition European countries pooled their resources and floated airbus industries in Toulouse France.Till date the largest manufacturer of Aircrafts is Boeing in the U.S. and Airbus in Europe.This competition has resulted in a long range reliable, economical and safe aircrafts to all countries having airlines.Both domestic or international airlines can have Boeing or Airbus fleets.With short, medium and long range requirements Boeing offers :-

  1. B737 S/H( SHORT HAUL),
  2. B747, B787, B777 all of which are long range aircrafts.

Airbus offers:-

  1. A320 S/H(SHORT HAUL)( A very successful aircraft)
  2. A330 M/H ( MEDIUM HAUL)
  3. A380 (The biggest aircraft and used for long hauls)

To operate airlines the Trans-international airlines companies need:-

  1. Experienced pilots,
  2. Cabin crew,
  3. and a large number of support crew in the

The airlines booking office in the city have different departments:-

  1. Regional manger office with secretary, driver, office boy,
  2. lady counters staff with computer
  3. reservation staff with computer knowledge,
  4. sales staff with a flair for sales and marketing,
  5. accounts staff with knowledge of

At the airport the airlines needs secretary for airport manager:-

  1. counter staff,
  2. floo
  3. cargo staff,
  4. ramp staff,
  5. equipment
  6. catering staff,
  7. A.M.E.A or engineering
  8. aircraft spares storekeeper.
  9. http://speedjetaviation.com/

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