How long till the Crook and Fraud like Sandy Ho...


This is not the one and only case that has ever happened in our country, but there have been several such cases and perhaps even worse where the builder has duped several buyers and have looted them of their hard earned money. It makes me wonder, what is our legal system doing to avoid such cases in future? How are our investments safe and how we, as the buyers can be protected from such fraudulent scammers? My only hope is that it is just a matter of some more time before right action is taken against all these fraudulent builders and we get our properties and homes to us. The action, in this case, must be so strong that no builder or any property dealer will ever think of deceiving the customers. Even though I have faith in our legal system, it worries me. However, I will hold my faith strong and wait for justice to give me and the others our rightful properties back.

Sandy Hooda is the promoter and director of Vega School and also part of AN Buildwell. A company that’s behind Spire Edge in Manesar, a commercial project, and Spire Woods in Sector 103, a housing project. Mired in controversy since the launch of the two projects, all directors (SK Hooda, Sunil Gandhi & Sandy Hooda) of AN Buildwell resigned, and construction work at their sites has been at a standstill for three years. The company went into purposeful liquidation in 2016 so as to escape from the liabilities to fulfil obligation towards customers and to cover up their acts of mismanagement. More than 1,800 buyers have invested in two projects of AN Buildwell now looking for revival of both the projects.

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