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Owning a pair of headphones is need for everyone who enjoys listening to music. There’s no point having an eclectic or expansive collection of music if you can’t listen to it clearly and carry it with you, wherever you go. There are quite a few advantages of having a good pair of headphones. It makes your music collection portable, which means that you can listen to it from any device, be it your smartphone or your iPods, wherever you go. Of course, the most important advantage would be being able to enjoy your music in the best way possible. However, this depends on two things – the kind of music you listen to, and the headphones that you’re using. The latter also depends on the former. Different genres require different kinds of headphones. Sometimes you may require one which gives you a more equalized response, and sometimes you need a pair which gives you good bass. The JBL T450 is one such pair.      

You may think that the JBL T450 has a pretty steep price point, starting at Rs.3,999. Even then, that’s hardly costly and borrowing from friends or via a personal loan is out of the question. But you’re also sure to get these at a discount both online, on e-commerce platforms as well as in electronic stores. The JBL T450 have pure bass sound with excellent audio quality. They also have great noise-cancellation abilities as well, through which you can filter out whatever you don’t want to hear. Like all headphones, this pair also comes with a microphone, and the cable is flat and tangle-free.

The headphones by themselves are lightweight and easily usable as well as foldable. They offer amazing sound quality as well as clarity, and are amazing if you’ve got a house party going and you want to crank up the volume with some EDM or house tracks. Even if you want to listen to music on your own, you can, because even after hours, the JBL T450 doesn’t cause you any pain or discomfort while wearing them. Couple this with the impressive price point (I mean, you don’t need EMIs or an online loans) and you’ve got yourself a solid pair of bass headphones with you.

 Kelvin Vincent can always be found in a nook or corner with his nose in a book. Apart from being an avid reader, he also dabbles in poetry every now and then, and also loves to eat. He is currently a Content Writer at KreditBee.


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