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If you have received an iTunes Gift card or promo code for a Mac app or game, you might have some questions and queries about how you can use it and what you can buy using it.

In this article, we will show you how you can redeem your iTunes Gift Card or Mac promo code to get great content right on your Apple desktop or laptop computer. Here's how.

Before you begin – An iTunes Gift Card is something that covers all Apple stores that are linked through the same Apple ID. This includes the Mac App Store, iTunes, the iOS App Store, and the Apple TV App Store. This Gift Card is a pre-purchased credit for the iTunes store of Apple. The iTunes store is considered as the media and software marketplace of Apple. And that is where you can buy music, apps, movies, and more. It is not like the Apple Store, where you can only use your Apple Store gift cards to buy the physical items like iPhones, iPads or MacBooks.

1.     First of all, open the Mac App Store on your Mac.

2.     Tap on the Featured section in your Mac App Store.

3.     Now, you need to hit the “Redeem” button. This option is very likely to be located on the right edge of the screen in your Mac App Store, which is situatedbeneath the Quick Links option.

4.     Here you will need to enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.

5.     Then tap the Sign In button.

If you have got a physical iTunes Gift Card, peel or scratch off the label printed on the back of the card. Doing so will reveal the hidden code.

6.     Tap on the Use Camera option.

7.     Then you will have to hold your iTunes Gift Card up to Mac's camera. Doing so will automatically capture the code. Or, also, you have another option to enter the code manually.

Note: Promo codes have to be entered manually necessarily.

8.     Tap on the Redeem option.

9.     Doing so will prompt a notification that says “you have successfully redeemed your code.”

Thank you for reading this article; I hope the information you got here will be useful to you in redeeming an iTunes Gift Card or Mac promo code in the Mac App Store.

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