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It is a common misconception of most people who have no experience working or owning a farm that farm sheds are simple buildings that store livestock, animal feed, or the season’s harvest. In general, those are the intended purpose of a shed, but that doesn’t mean building a shed requires very little thought and consideration. 

The truth is, sheds and similar steel framed buildings also require owners to do some planning and designing. Industrial sheds, for example, are best done with the help of experts. To make the process easier for farmers, here are the most important factors you should keep in mind before building a new shed for your farm. 

Factor #1: Main Uses

Take into consideration the main uses you have planned for the farm sheds during the design phase. This will have a major impact on the all other factors. A shed meant for storing dairy cows all year has specific requirements that differ a great deal from sheds that will be used for raising younger livestock. 

Keep note that it is best to keep livestock in separate sheds to prevent overcrowding and to ensure proper sanitation of the shed and the animals. 

Factor #2: Consider Future Expansion

There is a likelihood that your farm will expand in the future, this should be considered when building a new shed. Grain store steel framed buildings should be built bigger to accommodate a bigger harvest in the future and animal sheds should anticipate a growing herd just to be sure. 

However, these factors should only be given a second thought if you are planning to expand your farm. If not, sticking to what you can afford and handle is considered a wise design choice too. 

Factor #3: Material Longevity

Going cheap on the materials for the shed may save you some money during the start, but it is also important to factor in the cost of repairs and replacement in the future. The type of material used to build the shed will affect its design, durability, and longevity. Don’t forget to factor all of the future costs involved in upkeep and maintenance, because in the long run, going cheap today may result in more expenses in the future. 

Factor #4: Choose The Best Site

Take a good look around the property and find the best site for building a shed. Will there be room for future expansion, or is it too close to other buildings on the property? The location should also be easy to access to make routine maintenance work for you and the farm hands easier. 

The factors to consider when choosing the best location for the shed will depend on what will be housed inside the building. In general, it should be built on an area where there aren’t any slopes or hills, drainage is excellent, water connections are easily accessed, and it does not cause any roadblocks. 

Smart Building

Never attempt to build a new shed without thinking about the factors mentioned above first. Rushing to build one will only result in a weak and badly designed shed that can put you, your livestock, or the season’s harvest in danger.

If you plan to build farm sheds or steel framed buildings, our team of experts at Fowler & Gilbert can help you. Contact us today!

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