Is Browsing or Downloading Torrent Legal?


When you want to browse or download files from torrent sites, the first thing came to your mind that is it legal to download files from torrent sites? As we know, all torrent users are used to download huge amounts of data on the web range from movies, TV shows, and pirated software, no question that downloading that much data from torrent sites is illegal. In this tutorial, we are going to share when the downloading torrent is illegal and how you can protect your privacy while using them. So let's get started...

Which Content is Legal and Which Aren't?

A simple answer is - if the content is copyrighted and you don't own it, then downloading the item from torrent is illegal. You can download the content which isn't protected by copyright.

Now let's talk about some long answers - the legality of downloading torrents depends on what type of content you download and the laws of the country you live in. Most countries have the laws against the copyrighted theft. For example, if a piece of music is copyrighted and it's not your property, then download the music is illegal. The same law goes for a game, movie, software, and some other copyrighted content.

Also, every copyright content has a time limit. Normally, the time limit is equivalent to the creator's lifetime plus set additional years. Some content includes the copyright of life plus 50 years. Others have life plus 70 years. So before downloading, check your country's law of copyright. For example, if you are getting Linux software from the torrent site, it's safe. But if you download James Cameron's Avatar movie, it would consider the breaking the law.

Privacy on Torrent Websites

It's safe to use the torrent website if you browse them anonymously. But first, you have to know how the torrent protocol works. Basically, until you download anything from the torrent server, your privacy isn't compromising. But when you download or upload any content through the torrent system, the content actually works as a tracker and hash codes. So what you do inside your torrent client is important. That's why you need to browse and download the torrent files anonymously. Now let's talk about how you can bypass the tracking and enjoy safe torrent browsing.

How to Secure Yourself?

There are copyright trolls and government agents continuously looking to snoop around the torrent networks especially on the most popular torrent websites like pirate bay, 1337x, kickass, etc. They list all the IP addresses find from the seeders and peers list. If you don't take protect yourself, your IP address might be getting caught. If you want to securely contribute to the torrent community, just disable seeding. It will stop uploading files from your PC to the torrent network. Some torrent enthusiastic might call it selfish but you will secure yourself from copyright laws.

Another effective option is to use a safe VPN or a proxy site to unblock 1337x, pirate bay, kickass, and other torrent websites. By using a VPN, you can browse torrent anonymously by getting connected through a different IP address. Also, you can use the Onion Routing Network or TOR browser. However, NSA and GCHQ target the TOR browser to check illegal activity. So it's no more anonymous as it was once.

Bottom Line

Finally, use a convenient way to use torrent websites. Torrent protocol is just a clever way to download files very easily. If you still have questions and worried about your country law, you can send us your query at Best Droidplayer. We will try to help you out. Thanks!

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