Max Boost Omega Bio When we constantly perform a physical exercise according to the established schedule without sufficient recovery time, our somatic function will not gradually increase, but will decrease. This means that training should not be (undesirable) customized for a specific schedule of days, for example, PN / CP / BLIN, because the recovery process for this period (training every other day) is not yet over. And even if an athlete feels that he is ready to “tear and throw,” this does not mean that his muscles adhere to the same opinion. Numerous studies conducted in the field of muscle recovery, agree that the duration of rest between two strength training should be from 36 to 72 hours ( 2-3 days) . The researchers calculated that after 36-72 hours, the athlete is more likely to fall into the “window of opportunity” (the phenomenon of supercompensation) than his rest will be less / more than the specified period.

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