How to Use IGTV App from Instagram


One of the fastest growing social networks services, Instagram, has launched its IGTV app enabling the Instagram users to watch and view the videos. With over 1 billion users, the new app from Instagram seems like a rival to YouTube. Some say IGTV is an extended version of Instagram which can have the videos longer than a minute.

Many have asked to get the IGTV app. Well IGTV is a standalone app available for iOS and Android device. According to the operating system of your phones, download the app from the respective app store. For some users, it is difficult to get the app from app store, so they can also get the app from Instagram as well. There is no additional step to the process as the new app button is located just at the top of the app.

Here’s how to use IGTV app

  1. The worldwide renowned mobile social network, Instagram, has built the IGTV app, especially for mobile handsets. It apparently means that the videos can be seen vertical as well as on full-screen on the phones. The app is designed in a way that it works well with the device which you might already use to take photos and videos.
  2. The IGTV app might not look simple to use, but the Instagram and IGTV work together there is no need to sign up for this app. Just click the little button in the Instagram app, and IGTV app will run automatically. When the app is open, click continue and begin to use the app. You will notice a For You tab and the app will suggest you the videos too. In addition to that, the Following tab will display the videos from the account you follow.
  3. To view or watch the trending app, you will need to tap the Popular tab and find the trending videos. To watch any video, just select and tap on the video. The video will begin playing in the background without sound. To enable the sound of the video, just set the video on full screen and enjoy it with sound effects.

This is how you can watch or view a video on IGTV app, but you can also upload your videos on IGTV.

Uploading a video on IGTV App

  1. Open your IGTV app and tap on the profile button.
  2. You can tap on the plus (+) button or select the Upload Video option.
  3. Now, choose a video to upload on IGTV from the gallery.
  4. Enter the details and description.
  5. The video will successfully upload on the IGTV.

The IGTV now doesn’t give permissions to record videos from Instagram, but as a user, you can like and comment on the videos. The IGTV is the best platform for all the Instagram users to create their own Vlog, or video content and upload it on IGTV with huge Instagram following.

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