How to Increase Speed of Windows


1- Restart the Computer

Some users keep their system running for prolong hours. But when they leave the system for a few minutes, Windows automatically put the system into sleep mode. Still, the process is still working behind in the machine, and it affects the speed of the whole device. But, if you save your work and shut down your computer, you can start it over again when you need to continue the work on it. If you don’t shut down the system, you will end with the slower system with the low-performance rate.

2- Remove Startup Apps and Programs

If the number of processes begins to run during the boot, your computer will definitely slow down and take to execute any task. Basically, the startup apps and programs take CPU resources which should be appropriately distributed for the boot only. Hence it is necessary to remove the Start programs from Windows. Also, you must the end process these programs just after you logged into the system.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination. The combination will open the task manager. There you can find a lot of unnecessary processes running taking the essential resources. Click the Startup tab and note the Startup impact values. The program taking too many resources are responsible for the slow speed of a system and hence, should be stopped immediately.

3- Check for Malicious Programs

The viruses, Trojan Horses, Root-kits and other malicious programs can damage the system files. In this case, the system falls into a pit and perform very slowly. Not only that, but the viruses multiply themselves in the system and takes up too much of space which must be saved for other programs and applications. To prevent these situations, you must download an antivirus program in your system. Most of the security programs are available with the simple user interface, these become reliable and easy to understand. Put your computer on full system scan and let the security program to eliminate all the harmful viruses.

4- Disk Cleanup Tool

Disk Cleanup tool is a fantastic inbuilt cleaning utility offered from Microsoft. It is a successful tool to cleanup up the junk files from the computer. Undeniably, you must utilize this amazing facility provided from Microsoft in its Windows product.

Open the Start menu.
Type Disk Cleanup in the search box.
Click to open the Disk Cleanup tool and select the drive you want to clean up the junk items from.
The tool will calculate the amount left in the drive and suggest you the space consuming sections of the drive. This cleanup tool provides a great opportunity to clear the junk files and maintains the storage space in Windows.

5- Uninstall Unnecessary Software

A lot of users download the software on the computer and keep it like they will use it forever. In the end, the software remains in the system uselessly and takes up too much space. Similarly, there would be numerous other software products in the computer systems that were installed once, are now useless and taking plenty of storage capacity of Windows. These programs which really unnecessary must be removed from the computer. You must refer to the Control Panel in Windows to Uninstall and remove the programs from the computer.

With these methods, you will help your Windows to run faster like newly installed software on the computer. Still, if you want some more suggestions, then you should try updating the operating system or reinstall the Windows. Else, you should upgrade the hardware of your computer which will definitely resolve the slow running Windows problems.

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