How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-113


Netflix error code UI- 113 takes place when Netflix app on your device is not able to connect to Netflix. You can experience this due to the problems with your home network, streaming device, internet connection or the Netflix app on your gadget. You can also experience this when the Netflix service itself is down. When you come across a Netflix code UI- 113, you are likely to see a message saying Couldn’t connect to Netflix, Please try again or resort your device along with your home network.

Here is a step by step guide to fix the Netflix issue

You need to check two different things. One is your internet connection and then your device. Follow the following steps to rule out problems with internet connection, device and the Netflix app on your device.

Try to use Netflix in a web browser

To swiftly overcome device specific problem, see if you are able to stream Netflix on a system.

If you are presented with a site error whenever you visit, then the issue is with your Netflix service.

Restart your device

  • Simply restart your device as it will refresh both Netflix app and the device’s connection to the web.
  • If the device has a standby, low-power or the sleep mode, then ensure that you have shut it down properly before you start it again.

Sign out of Netflix

  • When you sign out of your device, the cached data will be cleared itself.
  • If your device doesn’t show any option to sign out, then you can simply force all the connected devices to sign out via the Netflix website.

Refresh the Netflix app

In some random cases, deleting and installing the Netflix app again is the only savior to fix this code. If you can’t delete or remove the app, then your gadget may have another option to refresh it.

Restart your home network

  • If you can’t find any problem with your Netflix app, it is entirely possible that the connectivity issue has caused code UI-113 error.
  • Simply shut down and unplug all home networking equipment at least for a minute. Plug in everything back in normally.

Improve your internet connection

  • Switch over from the Wi-Fi to ethernet if it is possible.
  • If you are not able to switch to ethernet then just move your gadget or router to improve the signal of Wi-Fi.
  • You can try to connect your device to your modem directly.

If none of this helped them, you require to contact the manufacturer of your device, or the internet service provider or Netflix for some increased assistance.

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