Vasectomy Reversal Procedure


Vasectomy reversal surgery is an option for most men. Many select to have a vasectomy reversal procedure after the disadvantage of a child or a remarriage. Though some choose the surgical treatment to treat testicular ache that can be related to the preliminary vasectomy. When a success, sperm normally appear within the semen after some months, but it may take into a year or extra. The probability of accomplishing being pregnant after a vasectomy reversal depends on a spread of factors, together with the length of time that has handed since the vasectomy, whether or not or not there has been tissue or tube harm at some point of the unique surgery, and the female accomplice’s age. Generally, the doctor will examine the patient’s semen under a microscope about six to 8 weeks publish-op to look if it the reverse vasectomy changed into successful. Contact (616) 459-4171.

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