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Mobile applications now plays an important role to help strengthen the success of business organizations in the increasingly competitive business environment. Almost all businesses are now developing their own mobile applications to help engage and communicate with customers as well as potential customers. However, in order to successfully develop a mobile application, organizations need to hire the right team of mobile app developers who are reliable and dedicated to the projects.

Below are a few essential things that you should do before making the final decision of hiring mobile app developers for your mobile app development project:

1) Interview Developers

The decision of hiring someone should never be just based on paper credentials. Organizations must always conduct interview to see if the developers possess the required skills and experience to perform the job. Additionally, developers also need to be able to work well in team and collaborate with other personnel such as testers, business analysts, etc. to achieve the best results possible.

Additionally, companies should also verify developers’ credentials by asking about the past mobile projects they participated in and their previous clients. Try to download those apps to have a look and feel and see how they perform. If you find the quality of those products not meeting standard, then it’s time to look for some other options.

2) Outsourcing vs. hiring local

Due to shortage of skilled IT professionals, sometimes it’d be challenging to hire local developers to work on your mobile project. If time is of essence, then organizations should consider outsourcing their mobile projects to offshore software company to speed up the process. Outsourcing provides companies access to large pool of skilled mobile developers as well as advanced technologies and application tools for their project.  It’s important to explore various options before making the final decision of hiring to ensure project can be met within budget.

3) Development Cost

Cost is one of the most critical factors influencing the decision of hiring developers for company mobile project. This is especially true for small businesses and start-up where budget is limited. However, that doesn’t mean that companies should prioritize price over skills by hiring developers with mediocre skills, this is because sometimes cheap will compromise quality. As mentioned above, many outsourcing companies can provide mobile app development service at a very economical cost without compromising quality standard.

4) Time-to-market

Many business organizations such as start-up or newly established companies require their mobile app product to be launched within a timeframe and set deadline. However, mobile development is a complex process which requires extensive human resources (developers, testers, designers etc.) and should take time. It’s almost impossible for any developer promise to deliver the app within a matter of days. Companies should have realistic expectations and set a reasonable timeframe to have their product launched.

5) Domain knowledge and industry experience

It’s preferable to hire app developers who possess the relevant domain knowledge in your niche and/or have developed apps for business which is similar to yours. Having to train and provide knowledge to developers/team who have no idea about your business will take time and might also result in a poor quality product.

Bonus point: Consider Product Life Cycle

App development is a continuous process where the apps to be maintained and updated according to new mobile trend (e.g. new technologies such as AR, VR, etc. and new mobile OS: iOS 12, Android Pie etc.). It’s important for business organizations to take into account of new mobile trend such as new technologies and have their apps updated regularly as well as fixing any potential errors or bugs. It’s easier to hire developers who built your existing app to perform the maintenance since they know the inside out of the app. This will help save time when compared to hiring a brand new developer.


In order to stay ahead of the competition, business should always to try to reinvent themselves and finding new ways to operate business more effectively. One of the ways is to build a mobile application for their business. Above are some of the necessary things which business should consider before making the final decision of hiring developers. Hiring the right developers will definitely help business to successfully create their mobile app meeting requirement and deliver the expected return on investment for the project.

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