Transfer Certificate Attestation


Transfer Certificate Attestation is defined as a formal letter given by the school authority to students to mention that the student was studied in their institution. Transfer certificate is important in the international education fields. But it should be first verified from the concerned country’s embassy before using in the required field. . In most countries attestation is used for finding the authenticity of the immigrants certificates. For easy understanding, it is a world renowned international procedure. And transfer certificate attestation is one of the important sub categories of attestation and it comes under the main category of noneducational certificate attestation. Every activity related to the attestation is fully managed and handled by the concerned embassy, because they are the supreme authority of providing certificate attestation. Through imprinting an official seal on the transfer certificate become more authenticate in the destination legal system. Transfer certificate is world renowned in some synonym terms like conduct certificate, TC, and character certificate, etc.

A Transfer certificate is an official record which contains information like….

  • ·         Name of the student
  • ·         Admission no of the school
  • ·         Date of birth
  • ·         Date of leaving
  • ·         Subject or  class studied
  • ·         Board of examination
  • ·         Reason for leaving
  • ·         Character and conduct
  • ·         Recognition of the Principal

In some cases which will be helps the certificate holder to prove his/her qualification in the destination country. Once you got an attestation your transfer certificate will be accepted anywhere in that particular country.  Original transfer certificate and passport copy is essential needs for getting an attestation. Transfer certificate attestation has certain validity and it will depend upon the issuing country. School and college admission purpose is the central aim of a transfer certificate attestation. In some cases which will be helps the certificate holder to prove his/her qualification in the concerned field.  


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