Ceiling makes the home


As we all know home becomes home only because of roof. Now it’s not just a blank canvas on the top. There are so many designs are available that you can try in your home. There are many ceiling design ideas you can find and try. Numbers of people generally prefer it a simple white and nowadays most of them want it classy and fancy.  False ceiling is the first choice comes to the mind when it comes to renovate your ceiling.

There are numerous ways of trying home decor ideas. One can use beautiful patterns, textures, abstract designs, floral prints, etc. on their ceiling.

You can also try a chandelier at the middle of the roof. It brings the life to the home and looks more classy and royal. There are various types of chandelier are available in the market that are distinguished between their size, quality design and prices. You can choose from a wide range of options on online as well. Besides a chandelier, you can also try a big lamp or fancy light which also has the power to bring extra charm in the house.

You can also go for Online Interior design to choose numerous ideas and options that you can easily apply on your home.

You have number of options to modify your ceiling and convert it into the focal point of the home. You can match it with the color of the walls which is quite common, but you can also try different shades. Some of the designers have suggested the lighter shades, as they give the feel of more space.

Plain polished wooden false ceiling with lights fitted is also a great option to enhance the beauty of the home. Wooden design can be applied with various shapes whether horizontal straights or curved or flat platform like structure and many more other designs and shapes you can try.

Another great idea is using beautiful stickers to decorate. This can be used in kids’ bedroom as well by applying cute cartoons stickers or planet or star stickers and many more.

Today interior décor has become a need to make your home look fabulous and classy. Now the best way is that you are also allowed to do it yourself by using online platform. Online you can have great ideas which can be easily tried and applied to your home. 

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