Java Training in Chennai – An overview


Java was born in 1994 when Sun Microsystems gave birth to the programming language. Java can be compiled and executed. The reason why Java was built was to remove the platform dependency that was found in programming languages. This features received attention and it has become a sought programming language for both small and medium software development. Over the years the user friendly nature and the robustness of the language ensured there was no turning back for the programming language. Java runs in 3 billion devices across the world; in mobile phones, space shuttles, automobiles, set-top boxes, etc. The popularity of the language has attracted programmers from various areas with the rising industry demand for the coding language.

Career value

Java has a wide implementation and it is treated as a multiple languages brought under one common platform. The categorization makes it difficult for the individual to understand its wide spread character. The coding language provides solid career opportunities for those who want to become software developers and programmers. Java is a subject in engineering courses. Its main focus is on building basic idea and executing the language. There are specialized courses for acquiring in-depth knowledge of the subject. 

Java certifications

Java was adopted by Oracle in 2010 and its certifications are governed by Oracle Inc. The certifications are fixed based on expertise. The Java training in Chennai is crucial before taking up certification exam. The students opt for certification exam to prove their excellence in the subject. Some of the certification levels include, Oracle Certified associate, Oracle certified professional, oracle certified master and oracle certified expert.

There are several Diploma courses for those willing to building a strong foundation in the subject and it can be converted into a career opportunity. It is between 3 months to 1 year. The courses can be taken both full time and part time.

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