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The utilization of the fans began about 3,000 years ago. Since then, these fashion accessories are the hottest style statement in the present day. Italy was once famous for the colored ostrich feather manufacturing. The feather fans have been in use for making costumes, and other accessories. In the 16th century, the first folding fans got introduced. The folding fans again became a popular accessory for the women who love to flaunt the feather dresses along with similar style accessories.


Carrying the hand fans

All the hand fans have been long a part of the accessories that the African or the Nigerian brides carry. It is a part of their tradition of the wedding ceremonies. The hand fans are popularly known as Abebe which serves an important role when the brides start to show off the dance movements on the dance floor after the wedding. Over the years, there has been the introduction of changes in the design as well as the making of the fans. Nowadays, you will be surprised to see all the varieties of wedding feather fan that are available in the market especially for the brides.


Fans change the look

Carrying a bag, clutch purse, or the small handbags as a bride looks so cliché. For that reason, the designers are now coming up with a variety of the big feather fans that you can carry in your hand on the wedding day. The fans are mostly made using the white feathers so that the article matches with the wedding dress. The items are not at all heavy as the manufacturers use the thin plumage to make the fans. After all, you are going to carry it as a part of fashion.

Feathers bring good luck

For years, people believe that feathers always bring good luck to the person wearing or carrying it. The feathers are considered to be sent by the angels as a gift from God to let you know that God is always with you. Incorporating feathers in anything related to your wedding dress always adds a special good luck charm to the entire event. You can also incorporate the wedding feather fan in your wedding dress so that the feather remains close to your body.

Peacock feathers are beautiful

Peacock feathers are so bright and gorgeous that carrying a fan made up of the feather will definitely give you a distinctive look. The wedding dress designers are making large fans using the peacock feathers that look so grand in the background of your white wedding dress. You can make some headgear too using the peacock feathers. The accessory can be just like a small clip, but it will add a unique glamour to the entire dressing. So wear the feather fans on your wedding day and enjoy the exclusive look. 

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