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Cancer is a brutal disease and patients are willing to spend even extremely high costs to cure this disease. On the commercial side, oncology drugs are the best guarantee to cure cancer but it is the cup of tea of high income people. And many of the new drugs are for very specific types of cancer but they are having higher prices. Since organic treatments do not have that much prices and have longer shelf life comparatively in terms of patent protection. is a cancer medicine supplier from India that specializes in the distribution and supply of the broad assortment of high-quality anticancer drugs at wholesale prices. We are continually expanding our network around the world by providing quality services and products to consumers around the world.

Generic drugs are the exact same copy of brand name drugs that cost 40 to 85% less than original drugs. Generic drugs are equivalent to the brand name or brand name drug in terms of dosage, strength, route of administration, performance, quality and intended use. The only difference between a generic and an original medicine is in their name and price. A generic medicine must contain the same active ingredients as the original drugs.

Generic drug manufacturers do not bear the same cost as manufacturers, so they are sold at a lower price than their counterparts. The original drug manufacturers who invented the drug had already invested in the manufacture of this drug. Generic drug companies are therefore driving much lower costs for the creation of generic drugs. Generic drugs are cheaper because they do not include discovery and drug development.

A generic medicine - in terms of dosage, safety, strength, and quality - works in the same way as the original medicine, so the intake should be the same.

Inventing or creating a drug requires more time and money, which increases the overall cost. Generic drugs are the copy of the brand name and cost a lot less.

Generic anti-cancer drugs

The generic cancer drug is a useful drug in the treatment of cancer at a lower cost. These drugs cost less than branded ones, but the results are the same.

In a breakthrough that rivals the invention of the generic drug that treats cancer, with minimal side effects and high success rates, have reached almost everywhere. But in what must be one of the greatest tragedies of modern times, these life-saving cancer drugs are not deployed on a large scale. People do not have access to these branded direct-acting drug classes because of their high cost.

The Indian generic Tarceva is a composition of erlotinib hydrochloride in the proportions decided by pharmacy experts. Although you get the desired effects of treatment as a cancer patient, it is also important to know the possible side effects.

Patients with lung cancer and pancreatic cancer obtain generic versions of anti-cancer drugs directly from India. Cancer medicine from India is available at comparatively lower prices. All discounted prices by various companies are just under 1000 USD in India. This is a great relief for the patient who cannot afford the high price. is an authentic and trusted provider of generic medicines for cancer treatment and generic drug exporter worldwide. Visit us to know the Cancer medicine price from india.

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