Reasons for being Single and how to Overcome Them


You know it is that time of the year when you start hearing marriage news from your friends. Singles do start feeling sad because lack of any partner and the fact that you do not even know why this all is happening is the saddest of all. There are various ways of finding the right matches for yourself but the most preferred way of finding your right match in today’s time is through the use of Kamma matrimony sites. Many a time you would have experienced your relatives asking about whether you like anyone or anything so that they can fix the Rishta, but when you are single and did not really had any single in your whole bachelor life makes it even worse. The only thing you want to scream out loud is that somehow these aunties might stop asking you about weddings and rishtas.

Now there are many reasons as to why you still could not find any Kamma brides or Kamma grooms for yourself and here in this article we will be discussing all the various reasons as to why you are still single what we can do to help you find your true Kamma matches.

1. You are ignorant:  The first and foremost thing that is the biggest reason behind people being single is that most of them are ignorant and they have been avoiding any approach made by any person towards them. Most of the people dislike some or other behavior in the opposite gender and because of that reason what they do is that they do not give attention to any person approaching them. And most of the time because of this habit they ultimately stop waiting for any partner and even stop being open the idea of coming into any kind of relationship.

2. You haven’t given it a thought:  Most of the times a person who does not get into any relationship, the real reason behind it is that they have not thought about getting into any sort of relationship. There are many people who still worry about even by thinking about the fact that they have to commit to a relationship, and this could be due to so many reasons one of which is also not thinking about getting into a relationship and not truly coming into any relationship at all. Many people have this fear from committing to sort of relationship and that is the reason it is very important for grownups to think about relationships and the idea that you really have to commit to someone in your life.

3. You are not ready for settling down:  Life as a bachelor is amazing and you get to do things as a free person, no bounds, no commitments, not worrying nothing at all. You are a free spirit and you do whatever your heart says you to do and that is totally right because you are free from any sorts of relationships and you need not worry about anything other than yourself. Whereas if you are in a relationship then you some or the other day you will need to think about settling down and that time you cannot say. So that is one of the main reasons why people do not want to come into any sorts of relationship because of the fear of settling down. Whether you have met your Kamma brides or Kamma grooms through any Kamma matrimonial sites or any of the Telugu Kamma marriage bureau, settling down is the only option after you get into any relationship and the relationship has gone for 2 or more years.

There are various Kamma matrimony sites that can really help you in finding the right Kamma matches for you but the since it is the decision of your complete life and it can change your life drastically, thus you need to take help from the best Telugu Kamma marriage bureau site that is available on the Internet. Subhamastu is one of the amongst various Kamma matrimony sites that exist online and since it is the best Telugu Kamma matrimony site it is the most preferred site from which thousands of Kamma brides and Kamma grooms find their perfect soulmates. What you simply have to do is that you have to register yourself at the Subhamastu site and we will find the right Kamma matches for you from the entire world and will help you reach to your true soulmate.

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