The Future Of Mobile Game Design


Today, the one single most common element in all of our lives is NOT food, neither clothing nor shelter, the trinity of yesteryear’s sphere of existence. No, that common factor which has dominated all of our lives in this day and age is the mobile phone. Technically, it is no longer a phone either! When earlier companies first launched the mobile phone, the aim was to create a portable and miniature version of the telephone. But since then, the mobile phone has taken on a whole new meaning and every day brings to the market a newer version.

Estimates peg revenues from gamers the world over for the year 2016 at no less than USD 100 billion and this, compared to 2015 is up 8.5%! In fact, the mobile gaming industry takes a big bite out of the PC gaming industry, which had a USD 37 billion in global revenues. And not surprisingly, China accounts for about 25% of the global revenue from the gaming industry. And the Asia Pacific region as a whole, holds dominion over the gaming market with 47% in global market share.

The market is certainly there for mobile game design and not just in a small way. In fact, the number of people involved is nothing short of humongous. And even though new players have emerged in the gaming industry, mobile gaming will be around for quite some time yet. For instance, VR gear have recently hit the markets and were expected to make a lot of inroads into the gaming industry, but their uptake has been lukewarm at best. But that’s not to say that the future is closed to gadgets similar to VR gear. In fact, it is thanks to the proven versatility of the mobile phone that both software and hardware developers have been able to innovate and bring new entrants into the gaming industry. Research abounds on the possibilities and opportunities with gaming ancillaries like consoles and VR gear.

Mobile game design is the key to this burgeoning industry and there are numerous players in the field. And this is driven by the constant growth of users the world over, spread across all age groups. To cite an example, the time Americans spend on their mobile for non-voice activities is expected to grow by over 450% across seven years. That amounts to about 45 minutes in 2011 to 260 minutes by the year 2017. This is the kind of growth that has been and will continue to fuel the growth of this mammoth industry.

About Author:  Mark is a Mobile application developer and works for top UK top mobile application design Company development company from past few years. He writes on IOS apps, andriod apps and cross platforms application.

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