Beginners Guide: Airsoft Guns Safety Tips


As a sport, Airsoft is every bit as safe, if not safer, than other action based sports. In fact, in comparison to Paintball guns, Airsoft guns are safer in that they shoot both smaller ammunition (generally 6mm airsoft BBs), therefore creating less energy upon impact and causing less harm to players. Because many airsoft players play organized games on fields (outdoors or indoors), they tend to follow more careful safety guidelines and overall, enhance the safety of the sport. General airsoft protection includes eye protection (face mask or goggles), body protection. Search for ... RECENT NEWS New Airsoft Rifles from Nuprol April 12, 2018 KING ARMS AT JUST AIRSOFT GUNS February 16, 2018 WE AIRSOFT PISTOLS AT JUST AIRSOFT GUNS February 16, 2018 WHAT IS AIRSOFT? February 16, 2018 MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THANK YOU! December 22, 2017 CATEGORIES Gun News New Products News NEWS ARCHIVES News Archives FOLLOW US TAGS aeg airsoft Airsoft Games ak47 co2 gas gun guns just nuprol pistols rifles spring src usa AIRSOFT DISCLAIMER All Airsoft guns are sold with a blaze orange tip. It is illegal to remove the orange tip and will void your warranty. Airsoft guns shipped to California will be marked with fluorescent coloration over the trigger guard and include a two-centimeter fluorescent adhesive band around the protruding ends.

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