Why is protein important for your health?


Protein is essential for good health. Proteins are made up of amino acids, these amino acids join together to form a long chain. Protein is a component of every cell present in the body; in fact your hair and nails are also made up of protein. Your body requires protein to build and repair tissues and to produce hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals.

For growth and maintenance

Human body needs protein to grow and maintain their tissues. When your body is in a normal working condition, it breaks down the same amount of protein that is used to build and repair the tissues. The rest of the times, it breaks more protein than it makes which results in an increase of the body’s needs. This usually happens during illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For reducing appetite

The three macronutrients, which are fat, carbs and proteins affect our body in several ways. According to studies, protein is by far the most filling nutrient. It helps you in feeling fuller with less food. So if you are looking for losing weight or belly fat then you can consider replacing your carbohydrate and fat intake with proteins.  It is simple to make your carbs and fats serving smaller and add a little portion of protein instead. Flora baby probiotic promotes digestive and immune health and can also be mixed easily with infant formulas.

For increasing muscle mass

Proteins are responsible for the formation of building blocks of the muscles. It makes sense that eating more protein will help you in building more of it. Numerous studies have shown that eating large amounts of protein can help in increasing muscle mass and strength. People who are usually more active physically, do weight lifting and are trying to gain muscle should make sure that they are getting more protein.

For providing structure

Some proteins are fibrous and provide stiffness and rigidity to the cells and tissues. These proteins contain keratin, elastin and collagen, which help in forming the connective framework of specific structures in the body. Vega performance protein is a plant-based, whole food ingredient which will help in improving strength and rebuilding and repairing your tissues.  Collagen is available in abundant in your body and is the structural protein of your bones, ligaments, tendons and skin.

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