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Ganga Aarti holds one of the most important positions in the religious aarti’s that take place in India. The Mahaarti is one of the most important aarti’s and can go for more than an hour. When you take a tour to Varanasi you can witness this amazing Ganga aarti by your eyes and you can feel the upliftment it provides to your soul. Taking Varanasi vacation packages from the best travel agencies can provide you with a good view of the beautiful Mahaarti that takes place every day on the Ghats. The Ganga Aarti has performed on the banks of river Ganga and although the Ganga aarti of Varanasi is the most famous one, there are other places as well where the Ganga aarti is performed.  

There are various tours & travels in Varanasi that provide Varanasi trip plan but Joshi tours & travels are the exceptionally best travel agency in Varanasi that provides exciting packages. They provide all the services that the customer has a requirement for and makes sure that the customer does not face any challenge or any issues. We prioritize the work and make sure that the Varanasi vacation packages that you took from us are amazing.

Now, many of you would have heard about the Mahaarti, but not many people are aware of the importance it holds in Hinduism. In Varanasi holiday package, you cannot expect to get guides as well, so here in this article, we will tell you about the importance of Ganga Aarti. Goddess Ganga is known as the mother of all Holy Rivers in India and to honor the presence of the Goddess on earth the pandits perform this Mahaarti. Amidst hundreds of Diya’s, chanting of mantras, aroma of incense, flowers and the beautiful, soul-enriching music is surely going to uplift your spirit. Ganga is the purest and one of the Holy rivers, which is why to offer her prayers and feel blessed under her guidance the humongous aarti is performed on the Ghats.

Lots of people all over the world take a tour to Varanasi to witness the Mahaarti by themselves and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful scenic beauty of Varanasi. The Ganga Aarti which is performed in Rishikesh and Haridwar has a different way of performing the aarti. Although these places are ancient cities of Varanasi and they hold religious importance in Hinduism but the aarti performed is different and the most famous one of Varanasi. When you take Varanasi vacation packages you make sure that you get to witness the humongous aarti very closely and we at Joshi tours & travels in Varanasi can make sure that your wishes get fulfilled.

Along with witnessing the Ganga Maha Aarti , you will also get to witness the amazing temples, historical monuments, the various other Ghats that have religious importance you will get to see all this in your Varanasi trip plan. Joshi tours & travels in Varanasi are one of the best travel agency in Varanasi and provide the best Varanasi holiday package to the people. So, are you planning for a trip to Varanasi? Contact us today.

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