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It is hard to imagine a fashion scenario where you get to rock the best boutique handbags that are not made from pure leather. But that is only because you are not a true vegan. Most of the fashion boutiques in the US pride of selling accessories that are made from traditional leather and are guaranteed to last for ages. Consumers have somehow gotten used to the notion that true quality lies in pure leather so they are understandably possessed with traditional leather products such as boutique tote bags. However, for some boutiques, especially those managed by people stemming from the vegan community, selling pure leather accessories is unimaginable. The Little Secret Boutique is one of them. With the belief that they will be able to revolutionize fashion without having to hurt animals, this boutique is bend on delivering the best vegan leather bags to its customers. As vegan fashion accessories gain more international attention and penetrate the noisy fashion market, companies such as The Little Secret Boutique are not so secretly taking advantage of that opportunity to change the way people consume fashion. Their efforts are steadily seeing the light of day as renowned designers and fashion influencers join the vegan bandwagon. With only a small team of passionate fashion team in New England area, the Little Secret Boutique hopes to deliver to their customers the most sporty handbags and purses that are proudly made of vegan leather, also uncommonly known as pleather. So far, the boutique which lives off an ecommerce only model, seems to be realizing its dream. By delivering handmade products that just as good or even better than traditional leather ones, they have succeeded in attracting and retaining a sizeable customer base. The success of the Little Secret Boutique lies in prioritizing the needs of its customers and deliver exactly the kinds vegan fashion accessories that interest them.

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