Random Thoughts – NBA & College Basketball


Random Thoughts – NBA & College Basketball

By Timothy Ribadeneyra

To be up front, I am an old guy who prefers the game of basketball played as it was when he was growing up versus the game of today.  Here are some of my random observations:

  1. James Harden’s game is awful to watch!  I don’t dispute his offensive talent, but to watch him dribble between his legs for 15 seconds and then shoot a step back (with multiple steps…I would love to hear a NBA’s refs analysis as to why they aren’t travels) or drive the lane using his forearm to push off then flopping all over the place is excruciating.  Why any of his teammates would sign up for standing in the corner and barely touching the ball is an enigma to me. All of these guys are in the NBA for a reason and have the talent to be involved in the game. Constant passing, cutting and movement of the ball is what I enjoy watching.

  2. As an NBA player you are either on the Lebron team or off of it (I prefer the one’s off it like Giannis, Embiid, Curry & Westbrook).  Their lovefests and wine tastings make me want to throw up. The current Kyrie/AD story pisses me off. They are paid millions (resulting in ridiculous ticket prices that I don’t know who can afford), don’t appreciate the love they receive from their respective cities, and then complain about the press when they are asked about it. Spoiled, pampered babies.  My friends have been complaining about the NBA for years, but I have hung on as a fan. However, I am close to bailing.

  3. The college game is ugly.  Every team runs the same boring offense…2 man game, high pick and roll.  They pass up lay-ups to shoot 3’s. Most of these guys should not be shooting a 3 and the whole game ends up being a ton of bricked 3’s.  I understand the math, but assuming a lay-up conservatively has a 60% chance of going in and a 3 pointer has a 30% chance my math tells me to take the lay-up every time.   This happens in the pros, but better shooters make the math closer. Still when I see Robert Williams get a rebound right under the basket and pass out rather than taking a 100% chance dunk I am confused.

  4. Continuing the college game is ugly theme, while I haven’t watched many games this year I watched 2 over the past couple of weeks that were hideous.  I turned on West Virginia vs. Kansas and in the first half with about 10 minutes to go West Virginia was up 19 to 8. Over the next 9 minutes or so I saw West Virginia score zero points.  That’s correct ZERO! While it ended up being a close game and the end of the first half I couldn’t watch anymore. The other was Ohio St versus Indiana last weekend won by Ohio 55 to 52. Great hustle and effort from all, but no ideas on how to get decent shots around the rim.  Forced 3’s and 1 on 1 moves ending up in forced shots. These coaches had no idea how to get people open for easy shots as their vanilla offenses (see point #3 above) aren’t effective. Someone who actually knows how to feed the post or hit the roller are few and far between.

I could vent a lot more, but that is all for today from the grumpy old man.

Timothy Ribadeneyra is a solutions-focused executive effective in reorganizing, streamlining, and strengthening financial operations to maximize performance and profitability.

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