Proximity Key Fobs – Smart Keys for Cars


What are Proximity Key Fobs?

Proximity Key Fobs are also known as simply key fobs or remotes key fobs are small pocket size devices that are convenient in use. It comprises of either contactless technology used for smart cards or proximity card technology in such a structure in which it also provides access to an iButton credential. Generally proximity key fobs are used in cars since 1990s to lock and unlock the doors automatically and ignite the car without the requirement of a key. Proximity key fobs are exclusively programmed and are designed to assimilate with the personal security systems.


How does Proximity Key Fobs Operate?

Proximity Key Fobs allows the user of car to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without the requirement of the car keys. Proximity key fobs are recognized by the antenna embedded in the car and communicate with the antenna through the radio waves signals. And when the proximity key comes nearby the car, the car doors automatically lock and unlock with mere touch on the car handle. Vehicles equipped with proximity or smart key fobs can unlock the immobilizer and start the car without placing a key in the ignition. However the basic requirement for such ignition is that the proximity key fobs should be inside the vehicle. And for security reasons proximity key fobs transmit different frequency signals and antenna embedded inside the vehicle received the signals and prompt new frequency to be created.


Advantages of Proximity Key Fobs

The major advantage of the use of proximity key fobs is the convenience. Users are not forced to hold the keys in their hands to make the use of its technology. Push-button ignition technique is vastly accepted and provided by the car manufacturers as it eliminates the hassle of entering a mechanical key in the ignition button to start the vehicle. It also increases the security for the vehicle as the thefts cannot unlock the door without the access control of the key fob. Proximity Key Fobs can support various applications such as transit mechanism, access control system, cashless vending application etc.


Disadvantages of Proximity Key Fobs

There are not much disadvantages of using proximity key fobs except if it is mishandled. Additional costs are implied to the vehicle for the usage of this technology. And its replacement cost is high as compared to the traditional keys. Only authorized dealers have the access to sell the spare proximity key fobs in case of replacement. However as more and more car users are preferring the use of this technology, higher number of accidents and injuries have been reported which are directly linked to the usage of this technology. Moreover many fatal incidents and injuries have been reported due to the release of carbon monoxide as the car’s engine does not shut done properly when the driver or the car user left the car along with the key fob. At times it also happen that the car user left the car in the gear and leave the car along with the fob, causing the car to roll and facing severe damage.

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