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What is Kantech Proximity Cards?

As proximity key fobs, proximity key tags and proximity cards, Kantech Proximity Cards make use of proximity technology i.e. for unlocking or accessing an electronic lock they require low-frequency radio signals (RFID) transmitted by a proximity reader.

How do Kantech Proximity Cards operate?

Kantech proximity card functions in the same principle as another proximity card. It makes use of proximity technology wherein the proximity reader transmits low-frequency radio signals which are identified by the antenna placed in the proximity card and the energy generated by the antenna is moved to the microprocessor embedded in a microchip in the card. Once the microchip is powered by the energy transferred by the antenna, it generates a code which is further passed on to the proximity reader which in turn verify the code with the access database of the central system. And once the verification is executed, access is granted.

Features of Kantech Proximity Cards and Reader

Kantech proximity cards and readers provide an efficient access control mechanism. They are easy to install and provides advanced security features. The Kantech proximity cards easily integrate with its access control system including both physical and logical access control system. The proximity readers of Kantech proximity cards or the ioProx cards are attuned with dual programmed proximity cards which are Kantech Extended Secure Format (XSF)) and 26-bit Wiegand. The XSF cards cannot be duplicated as these are encoded with more than four billion codes. Kantech proximity cards are available in various shapes and materials. Kantech proximity cards work on reliable technology that easily integrates with Kantech proximity readers. Kantech proximity cards are flexible and can be easily carried or attach to a key ring, lanyard, or badge clip. Few types of Kantech proximity readers can even be connected to the smartphone non-metallic surface, and few of them can be used for dye sublimation printing. The Kantech proximity readers can be selected on various parameters for the proximity card. Such as by mounting option, in which the proximity reader can be in the form of mullion or a gang box; proximity card compatibility, in which the proximity reader can be either 26-bit Wiegand or XSF, or also by authentication and read range. For both indoor and outdoor usage, the proximity cards are designed as weatherproof to bear the harsh environmental situations.

Benefits of Kantech Proximity cards

Kantech proximity cards use proximity technology. As these cards are cost effective and thus they are chosen as a preferable option for setting up access control mechanism for the organization. They are designed in the format of standard credit cards, and so they can easily be placed in wallet, badge clip, lanyard, etc. Kantech proximity cards are flexible and can be punched in both vertical and horizontal way. These are passive cards and thus does not require any battery for recharging and have lifetime warranty available. Kantech proximity cards are adaptable to any environment as these are weatherproof, compact, flexible, resistant and attractive.

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