Five Famous & Mouthwatering Desi Dishes


Disclaimer:     This Blog might make our readers hungry and drool. 


India is a land of Spices and rich Ingredients infused with love. Each and every state has its own speciality. You can come across lip-smacking dishes Fromany part of the country be it North, South, East and West.

Indian Cuisine has made a name for itself all over the world, crossing borders and spreading love through its food.

Let’s dig into it and take a look at 5 dishes that have made a place in the stomachs of people all over the globe. .

1. Bhindi Onion Tadka:

The taste of bhindi is always yummy, we all know that. The special part of South Indian bhindi onion fry is that it is made with a special South Indian touch. What all you need to do is simply deep fry bhindi and onion separately. Take oil in the pan, and then add chili and spices along with the fried sabzi. Cook it for two to three minutes. After that add peanut paste in the dish. Your dish is ready. Isn’t it easy?


A classic Gujarati recipe, Oondhiya, with its exciting mix of veggies and spices, has withstood the test of time and become a hot favorite with many generations of Indians across the world. 
A colorful combination of vegetables and fenugreek-flavored dumplings are cooked with an aromatic masala that features coconut, coriander and assorted spice powders. Enjoy this delicacy hot and fresh, with rotis or rice, to make a hearty meal!


3. Dal Makhni:

Dal Makhni is a Punjabi mixed lentil curry generally made with lots of butter and cream. It is usually paired with Indian bread and chapattis. A popular dish favoured by many foreigners. The creaminess of the Dal which melts in your mouth and gives a heavenly taste with a tinge of spice is sure to add on to your calories, but don’t worry it’s totally worth it.


4. Gulab Jamun:

Be it any occasion Gulab Jamun is our go-to dessert because of its sweetness and softness. This sweet delight has not only touched our hearts but the hearts of various people all around the globe because of its distinct taste and appearance.

5. Paneer Makhni:

Paneer makhani is a slightly sweet creamy dish of paneer, in which the gravy is prepared usually with butter, tomatoes, cashews or cream. The dish is full of flavors which will lure your senses and make itself irresistible.


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