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One of the most important decisions which you have to make at the time of planning or buying a new home is considered to be choosing the right builder. Again, most of the builders are generally classified as either Custom or Production home builders.

Important Differences Between Production Homes And Custom Homes

There are generally many of the important differences between production homes and also custom homes which are discussed well in this section.

Production Homes

A production home specifically involves the same home design which is used over and over again. These kinds of homes are typically seen in the neighborhoods which are built by the large volume homebuilders. Along with that, these tract homes may appear in the suburban locations which are present outside of the more densely populated areas.

Custom Homes

On the other hand, a custom home is generally considered to be unique and also one of a kind. So, it is typically designed and also built from scratch.

This particular process also involves collaboration among the homeowner, architect, custom builder and also various parties who are involved in the design and logistics. Usually, the home lot is considered to be a driving factor in the design and also construction.


In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section that there are many of the new home builders in Ontario. But, apart from it, you need to understand the most important differences between the production homes and also custom homes.

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