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Traveling brings emotions, especially when it’s a homecoming trip or travel to one’s dream place. Comfortable travel and fare do not come in a single picture. One needs to sacrifice their comfort while traveling, when opting for affordable rates and it goes the other way round when comfortable travel is needed. Carpooling would be the only way that makes passengers feel traveling as a leisure activity.

Evolution of Ridesharing:

Ridesharing was initially practiced in 1929 during the ‘Great Depression’. People hitch-hiked for commuting and traveling to any desired location. In the year 1973, when the oil crisis occurred, many countries encourage their citizens to share their rides with the intention of conserving fuel. Even today, many global organizations encourage people to find carpool and travel in order to avoid air pollution.

One of the best examples of carpooling is BlaBlacar. A small start-up idea got transformed into a billion U.S. dollar company. Now, it gives more than 50 million quick rides per year. It was able to achieve this feat by the idea of integrating mobile apps into business.

Carpooling, from a business point of view, has a huge positive impact. According to Statista, it is estimated that globally the number of vehicles in ridesharing programs has seen a steep rise from 2015. It is expected that nearly 45 million vehicles would be coming under global cab sharing business by 2025.

Creating an app has become necessary for carpooling business as it is seen that people switched from computers to apps for accomplishing their daily tasks. Some of the benefits are discussed while building an app for business.

Increasing User Interactions:

Mobile apps aid in interacting with customers on a regular basis. Mobile apps can send push notifications from time to time. Entrepreneurs need to build mobile apps with integrated features focusing primarily on the user-friendly experience.

Easy to Generate Sales:

Adopting an app for business is the best way to generate sales. Using a mobile app is the most reliable technique in digital marketing and it helps in promoting the business. Building an app is preferred as the best way to switch over to the modern world.

Direct Marketing Channel:

One of the biggest benefits of deploying mobile apps for the business is that it serves as the direct marketing channel. It provides information like general info, locations and fare estimations at the fingertips. Push notifications will get entrepreneurs to one step closer towards direct interaction with customers.


It is necessary for people who start a cab sharing business to stick to modern technologies. If an entrepreneur has an idea of building a business with a mobile app, then two factors have to be considered - cost-effective app development and expertise company in app development.

AppDupe is a leading app development company offering a wide range of apps for services. It gives best-consulting services and technology solutions across diverse business needs. It can deliver the most powerful carpooling app in the industry.

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