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An annulment can only be granted under unusual conditions and only if the legal court considers the marriage as void. The parties filing for annulment must file it within two years of the marriage.

Don’t know what annulment of marriage is?

Annulment is a legal action that makes a marriage void but it is not like divorce. An annulled marriage is considered to have never existed.

The laws related to annulment of marriage are different from state to state. Marriage annulment is rare which are only granted under very unusual circumstances. The reasons for which annulment can be granted are:

  • Already being married to someone else.
  • Marriage between brother and sister.
  • Not remaining faithful when marrying.
  • Deceiving one party in order to get consent.
  • Abducting someone and to get married forcefully.

The Singapore family law firm do not permit for the marriage annulment if children have been born or will be born as a result of the marriage. A marriage can only be annulled and the parties can file for a petition for annulment if the court considers it void. It is the duty of the court to annul a void marriage and make it legally invalid. The services, jurisdiction, procedure of annulment are all similar to that of a divorce. Once the annulment is granted by the Singapore family law firm, both the parties return to their status in which they were prior to the marriage as the marriage is considered void.

Sometimes people seek annulment through a religious court and get their marriage annulled. But in spite of the religious court annulling the marriage, it is only legal when annulled through a court of law.

Different states have different laws, but there is one thing in common. The petition for annulment must be filed before two years of the marriage have passed.

Civil annulments can be granted for things such as incest, fraud, bigamy, and active substance abuse. They cannot be granted just because you are not getting along, dislike one another, or been wronged in a way that would normally qualify for a divorce.

Civil annulments are simpler than a divorce. In civil annulment the legal foundation for the marriage is removed. One important issue in divorce i.e. the division of assets is not a matter to worry about in a civil annulment. The parties keep with them what was originally theirs.

Take the help of family law firm as they can help you with questions that may arise in your mind regarding the fact that whether your marriage can be annulled. By consulting with them you can decide if annulment is an option for you.

About Author: Jason is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore, divorce lawyer. He is now writing on topic related to divorce and wills.

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