How to save human rights in Congo?


The history of Congo says many sad stories about how there were problems in the economy and also there were hardly any potent steps that were taken to bring back the economy to normal. Also, there were problems in relation to deprivation of peace and values. But thankfully, leaders like Sindika Dokolo are there in the place, which are always ready to contribute well to the society. This place needs consistent development. But it would be possible only when the contribution comes from the government too. If Congo and Congolese, both develop at the same speed then there would be a time when there would be lot of opportunities for people.

Already a lot of movements are taking place

There are many Congolese who have come together with the motive to hold movements. They want to use their rights and let the people know the correct meaning of democracy. Also, when there would be human development and right use of rights, automatically there will be economic development. This is what they want to teach to the common people in Congo.

Why is situation aggravated in Congo?

There has always been a tensed situation in Congo and above all, there was totalitarian power and this created restlessness among people. Everyone knew that something was going wrong. But no one had the courage to speak the truth and fight off the factors that were depriving the citizens from exercising their rights. But with Sindika Dokolo and his Congolese movements there was huge transformation in the society for betterment of people.

This common project has more than a million people

When it comes to the Congo movement, there are more than million people standing for this common cause and this includes many good leaders too. So, in future it is expected that there would be tremendous change in the society which can give better results for sure. There are many wrong values which have become an intrinsic part of the society and they should all be gotten rid of. This is the final aim of Congolese movements. It is true that, removing such factors from the society would take some time. But the Congo people along with Sindika Dokolo already has the patience and so they don’t mind waiting and getting the fruits in future. These people explain the real meaning of patriotism. They know that when people would be given equal opportunity then things would be surely in the favour of the country. So, it is vital to work hard now for the sake of the country. There is a sea change in the place as compared to the past and so even the future holds the promise for better development and better economy.

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