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Congo has come across so many issues in the past and even political ups and downs in the current state. So, to reinstate peace, it would be better to first think that what all options should work well. The first and the foremost thing is that people in Congo should gain confidence and should understand that if they also equally work hard with the leaders like Sindika Dokolo then bringing Congo as a popular country in the world map would not be a difficult task. Already, these leaders are working towards making African art forms quite popular. If collective steps are taken to stay ahead along with the economy then a lot of positive things can happen in Congo!

Treating all the communities with respect

It is important that people start respecting themselves first. When they do this they will gain confidence within themselves and further they can also influence lives of the others. There are many communities which are exploited due to political issues in Congo. But there are good leaders too who are working for making the place a better world in itself! So, people in Congo should be part of Congolese movements as this can give them a chance to do something for the country. Often, in Congo, it is believed that human rights are not exercised well and perhaps that is the basic reason why this country lacks motivation. The main duty of Democratic Party is to make people realize that how things can be maintained well. How one can grow even with least resources. How one can be motivated and what can be done to maintain peace in the country.

Knowing the limitations and then going ahead

Congo has a lot of things happening since years and this is the basic reason why people need to understand that the party that has good leaders should be supported. Like, Sindika Dokolo has a habit to not think much and work out of his way for the benefit of people. He would always move out of his comfort zone and work towards the things that are supposed to create concern for the country.

A good support system can change the way people think about Congo

Today, it is believed that there are political ups and downs. But if people get together and face these issues and support one another then these problems would be sorted out soon.  It is true that, sorting the issues at a country level would take time. But one should have patience. With sheer dedication and a good support system things can change for better. So, taking the actions in the right path would really work towards making life settled in Congo for today and even for tomorrow. This is the belief of Sindika Dokolo too.

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