Les Congolais turmoil: How things stand


Democratic Republic of Congo has been in the world news for all the wrong reasons since 1997. After Mobutu Sese Seko passed away in 1997, Congo plunged into a vicious struggle with its neighbouring countries for survival. Foreign governments and rebel groups started invading Les Congolais soils for their own advantage. The Congo population has been left tattered and homeless, while they slowly try to rebuild the country.


Congo has always been a country full of resources. They are the 6th largest exporters of Copper. Other than that, they have rich deposits of petroleum, coal, diamonds, etc. Although the 7 year long war has left its mark on the country on the present day, the people of Les Congolais region still dream of corruption-free governance, a peaceful territory and prosperous life.

Basic requirements

The people’s dreams can come true only if the government is made to stand accountable for its actions and decisions. The perfect democratic set-up would dictate that the government officials put Les Congolais interests ahead of themselves and understand that a peaceful Congo is the only way to prosperity and betterment of the world as a whole.

Source Link: https://lescongolaisdebout.org/

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