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Often, in countries like Congo, people do not give too much importance to art forms. This is the reason why even the artists do not have confidence. But as per the leaders like Sindika Dokolo when someone is good at art, the person should be motivated because you never know where he can take the country to. So, creating art forms and considering this task as an important one, would make good amount of difference.

The youth has the responsibility to change the fortune of the country

The youth can be mended the way they should be and for that there has to be revolution. People in Congo seem to have lost motivation. But there are groups that work towards democracy and human rights and motivate the people to grow and move ahead. It is true that the country has restlessness and lack of peace. But accepting this situation, as it is, would not be the solution. One should know that, if peace is defined in the right way then there would be change in mindset of the people too. There is need to understand the potential of Congo as a whole. If that is in the relevant art form then that should be made as a strong point. Congo has strength and will to move ahead. It is just that, people should understand the current situation and find solutions in that regards.

Finding a noble cause to join

Within every individual there would be a rage to be part of the movement that would give benefit to the whole country. For people in Congo, a movement that help in reinstating the position of arts, exercising of human rights, avoiding deprivation of basic things of life etc are some of the causes that would come forward. So, knowing that they are all interconnected would give strength to fight them off. There are political issues but people like Sindika Dokolo look towards the better side of Congo and understand that if led properly, this place has lot of potential.

The socio economic growth in Congo

Movement des Congolais have been quite popular in Congo as this has created awareness in the minds of people about what could be done to make the political scenario better. If social growth was possible and people were motivated to stay connected to one another for some good cause, if arts in Congo was encouraged then there can be better position of the country in near future. The issues and crisis that come up every now and then should be faced smartly. One should ask for details and when every layman does this, there would be no totalitarian power and finally things should be settled soon. But these things should happen at root level and even Sindika Dokolo believes that.

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