Republic of the Congo: A brief history


Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest country in Africa, situated in Central Africa. It has a 40-Km coastline with the Atlantic Ocean washing up the shores. Except that, Congo is land-locked. Congo has rich deposits of petroleum, copper, diamonds, gold, silver, uranium, coal, etc. Urban Population is spread throughout the country, mostly along the north-eastern borders. The largest city is the capital city Kinshasa, which is located in the west on the banks of River Congo.

Features of Congo

One of the most well-known features of Congo is the active volcano Nyiragongo, which is unique for its unusually fast-moving lava.  Nyiragongo is very close to human settlements which make it dangerous. The prevailing climate is tropical with hot and humid conditions in the river basins, although things cool down as we move to the southern and eastern highlands.

The terrain is mostly low-lying plateau with a vast central river basin which drenches the entire country. The mountains are situated in the east. Congo is rich and unique flora and fauna, and many places have been deemed Bio-diversity hotspots by the WHO.  

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