Republic of the Congo: A brief history


République Démocratique du Congo (which is French for Democratic Republic of Congo) has been embroiled in one a vicious civil war which has seen millions of people lose their lives, homes. Since the war ended in 2003, the country has been engulfed by corruption which is seeing Congo lose its resources for the wrong reasons. Widespread civilian casualty even forced the UN to intervene in the region and make Congo stable again. 

Hindrance to the Peacekeeping operation

Although Congo doesn’t see bloodshed or violence nowadays, corruption and false beliefs still prevails in every field and this even includes the government offices. Government has used armed forces to suppress humanitarian activists and other notable officials. The alarming issue is the prevalent human rights violation on a mass scale and the government being responsible for it. Although they deny the situation or the allegations, it is obvious that the people of République Démocratique du Congo deserve a better political scenario as soon as possible.


The government’s transparency and accountability to the people is not even a debate. The rich resources of République Démocratique du Congo should be spent by qualified officials who understand the priority is the people of Congo.

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