Keto Pro Plus okay jail so they didn't couldn't get any information what kind of surgery I had so no way they could find out what was wrong or how they could fix it so what I had to do was I had to get a camera to hell my trails into my stomach one of my path and I also had to do a barium swallow test where I put drink or liquid it tasted really bad we drink a liquid which is visible on x-rays and they would take x-rays pictures off the liquid moving inside my stomach I like the doctor once you're one of these people who can eat tons of food right and even on the x-rays you can see you're like basically the liquid runs all down through my hip bones it's because I have faster pauses which is a medical term it's not a disease it's just a term for a prolapsed stomach so do you guys know normally your stomach is here right but mine is here so the food goes

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