CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain


Arthritis for Dogs can be excruciating. If you observe your dog limping or having trouble standing, you have to consider taking your pet to the vet and getting him/her checked for arthritis.

CBD oil is gaining recognition lately for being a remedy for arthritis of all kinds. But is CBD the right choice for your dog?

In this article, we discuss all about the CBD dog treats for joint pain and how it helps ease the condition for your fluffy-bag.

Arthritis in Dogs

The primary cause of arthritis is the inflammation of cartilages. It is followed by stiffening pain for your dog whenever he/she tries to get up, walk or run.

Joint tissue destruction, stress, trauma or congenital defects are the most common reasons for dogs to have arthritis. Often, the disorders of the immune system also lead to arthritis in dogs.

Arthritis in dogs impacts and damages the cartilage, causing it to wear away. The layer below the cartilage inflames and the neighboring joint capsule and members become stiff and highly sensitive.

The elastic tissues of the joint lose their elasticity to become stiff due to the unusual deposit of calcium. Joint degeneration kicks in and it becomes increasingly difficult for the animal to move. This is where CBD dog treats for joint pain comes into rescue.

How CBD helps

CBD oil is extracted from cannabidiol, a hemp plant that is proven to work for the inflammation causing arthritis. The product is free from tertrahydrocannabinol or THC which makes it safe for consumption for dogs.

In fact, CBD dog treats for joint pain contain only 0.003% of cannabis essentials which keeps your dog from getting intoxicated. It is not only safe for your dog to use, but also beneficial to treat various conditions in animals. CBD dog treats cures your dog from anxiety, nausea, seizures, stress, and gastrointestinal issues.

Like any other medicinal remedy, CBD oil too comes with side effects like dry, mouth, drowsiness and lowered blood pressure. But doctors have testified to the fact that CBD products for dog are less harmful as compared to products with higher amounts of raisins, chocolates or coffee.

CBD oil for Dogs

CBD oil is the best product for your dog. It is proven that CBD oil is just the cure for dog arthritis that you are looking for. But it is imperative that you take note of the dosage as well. Over-dosage of CBD can cause your dog to experience psychoactive side effects.

 You have to make sure that you but an authentic CBD product; the one that delivers what it promises. Read the contents on the label.

Have a word with the vet before you zero down on any CBD dog treats for joint pain.

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