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ESAB has two sorts of tungsten grinders, and the first variety is your comprehensible series ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder. The handheld tungsten grinder series includes two variations, the innovative or original G-tech Handy and the G-tech Handy II. The first sort of G-Tech Handy string is industrial standard. They are supposed to use for the non-radioactive classes of tungsten electrodes. It has a lone layout since you're able to adjust the grinding angle easily.

Tungsten Grinder

Most importantly, the wheels of all benchtop grinders are much probable to endure for a longer period than the portable edition. Furthermore, you should only utilize or use the crude solution ways if you have no other options. You could also check out how to utilize it in primitive ways in the content shared on our site.

With the original Best Tungsten Grinder, the electrode is held rather by a holder or wand. You can attach it to this holder to comfortably hold while grinding it. The Convenient ESAB G-Tech is equipped with a diamond blade, and you can adjust the speed of the milling using the adjustment tool in the handle of this device. This grinder has a dust filter to maintain your working area tidy. It includes its container, which allows you to carry anywhere safely.

The second sort is Handy II, an upgraded version of the first Handy ESAB G-Tech tungsten grinder. This grinder is also an industrial-grade tungsten grinder. However, it has additional features than its predecessor. Among the most noticeable changes is your Handy II's ergonomic layout. It's a bigger handle than its predecessor will not facilitate the user a better grip. Besides, it includes additional attachments and adjusting tools.

Tungsten Grinder

You will also see chemical solutions to sharpening tungsten electrode. This alternative works with all sorts of wolfram electrodes. All you need to do is to heat the cord and immerse it in the powdered compound.

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