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India is known to be the birthplace of sumptuous number of depiction styles and techniques. Art has been used as a tool for the depiction of religious ideologies or any physical observations since its history and till date. But, the Indian Paintings have seen a rise diversely in depicting the two sections, namely: Spiritualism and Symbolism.

Tanjore Paintings:  True illustration of spiritualism

Tanjore Paintings are the true depiction of the perfect dimension of Indian Paintings. Having their origination in Thanjavur at the time of Maratha period in the 16th century, these paintings are contemplated in Southern parts of India as a glorified form of depiction. The basic idea behind this form of Indian Painting is the depiction of prehistoric scriptures or figures, typically of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The ornate work that goes in detailing the features of the figure is worth every penny of the painting. The general depiction in this section of Indian Paintings is of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Annapurna, and Balaji, showing the intricate work done with utmost precision to appeal exquisiteness!

The symbolism of Birds in Indian Paintings

The artistic work in Indian Paintings has never ceased to amaze the sights of the spectators. From Figurative to Contemporary, Modern to Wildlife; every work has epitomized beauty and surreal depiction. In the prevailing scenario, the talked about the genre of Indian Paintings is Wildlife. The section has bagged glorified applause and recognition lately. But, the symbolizing birds have been through the history of Indian Paintings. The artists have received tremendous appreciation with their work on depicting different species of birds, carrying a specific symbolization.

Be it a budding butterfly, a kingfisher or a parrot spreading colours, the depictions of multiple species of birds held hidden symbolism. Birds were considered flush for visual symbolization by the painters in the Medieval, Palaeolithic, Early Renaissance, and High Renaissance. With having a constraint in terms of literacy the metaphorical and symbolic depictions held in high importance to impart the knowledge of spirituality in Indian Paintings. The presentation of animals and birds have been illustrated in rock art and cave paintings as well.

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