Barca hopes Messi could persuade Ferreira to jo...


 Over the past season, although Barcelona won the King's Cup, but the record is an indisputable fact, want to change this situation, in the internal potential of the case, can only hope in the transfer market. Of course, as a coach Balveld, he wanted to build the lineup, fifa coins and really need to sign a new player. Spanish media "Daily Sport newspaper" news that Barcelona eyeing the Paris Saint Germain winger Dimaliya, intends to sign this year to strengthen the lineup, in order to be able to better implement the contract, the club intends to let Messi come forward.

Although Paris Saint Germain compared to the previous few seasons, poor performance this season, but the performance of Dimaliya is commendable, the tournament played 43 times, scoring 14 assists 15 times in the Champions League 1/8 finals first Round 4-0 victory over Barcelona in the game, contributed 2 goals, although the red and blue faction rounds in the Nou Camp stadium 6-1 bloodbath finished shaking back over. Dimaliya's outstanding performance gained the attention of Barcelona's high-level, and he saw it as an important part of the start of the new team in Barvard. fifa 17 coins It should be noted that Di Maria has played in Real Madrid, Manchester United in the summer of 2014, had burst out of the anti-Barcelona clause, Barcelona even let Messi come forward against the national teammates, the final club to complete the contract, the price It may be very big.

On the future of Raphaël, there is news that he may leave Barcelona, the Spanish media "Daily Sport newspaper" news that Barcelona will not let him in principle, but if he insisted on leaving Nou Camp, then also Not too block, but will give him a price of 30 million euros. Barcelona throat tongue frankly, Rafinha up to 30 million euros in the price, the basic will not have to buy the next home, this price, the basic let Lafenia stay in the Nou Camp.

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