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I hope now you are ready to keep your best foot forward for any occasion. Make a style statement at your work or be the center of attraction at a party. It’s all in your hands. Dress according to any occasion and kill it.

Must-Haves in Your Wardrobe.

What to Wear at Work?

Have you ever been embarrassed because you are not dressed up appropriately for an occasion? 

It’s one of the most common mistakes we make while dressing up. Your attire speaks volumes about you. So, choose wisely. 

Confused about where to choose from? Top female clothing brands in India offer different types of clothing for each and every occasion.

Styling is a personal choice. But there are certain do’s and don’ts for dressing up, which makes you dress up well for an occasion. Your clothing is an integral part of your personality. It reflects how well you are aware of trends. It also shows how well you know what to wear and when.

Why It’s Important to Dress Up According to Occasion?

You can’t turn up in a sequinned flashy dress for an interview. You need to wear formal comfy clothes, which reflects your seriousness towards the work.

If there is a party, you can take out your flashy branded clothes to show. Now, you can see, it is important to dress according to the occasion. Make space in a wardrobe for clothes suitable for different occasions. So, you need not run here and there, when you need them. 

What are you waiting for? Start shopping from top female clothing brands in India.

How to Choose Your Clothes?

It all depends on where you are going. Different occasions ask for different types of clothing. If there is a dress code then adhere to it. Follow do’s and don’ts of dressing up to make your mark. Let your dress speak for you.

What to Wear for An Interview?

The first impression is always important. An employer judges you first on your self-presentation. What you are wearing and how you look is important. It’s good to wear formals or business casuals for an interview. As a woman, you have choices between Indian formals and western formals. Choose wisely according to the company you are interviewing with.

Take care you don’t wear clothes with tassels, fringes and that sort of thing. It can tarnish your impression. Accessorize yourself suitably with your dress. You can buy formals or business casuals from top female clothing brands in India.

Different organizations have different sets of rules regarding clothing. Some companies follow a dress code for employees. Then, stick to the dress code. Some organizations allow only formals to work. Choose formals for work from a wide range of clothing offered by top female clothing brands in India.

Some start-ups and other non-conventional organizations don’t have a strict approach towards dressing. You can easily wear casuals to work. But never go for too short or too tight clothes. Avoid flashy party wears too. You should opt for a comfy and clean casual.

What to Wear at A Party?

Here you can show all your glam clothing.  But make sure what you wear suits your body type. There are many options available for different sizes of women. If you are overweight or not have those killer curves, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up to kill.  Top female clothing brands in India offer different styles party wear in plus sizes too.

You can go for any style, which suits you. Bling, tassels, off-shoulder, you name them and you can buy them. You can also go for fusion wear. Do your hair, makeup, and accessories which complements your dress and you are ready to make people stare at you.

What to Wear at Festivals?

Festivals are a time to show off your wardrobe. All your Indian ethnic dresses can make their way at the time of festivals. It’s the best time to wear your ethnic clothes. Don’t want to go with proper ethnic? Then go for fusion dress such as brocade or silk gowns. Whatever your choice is Indian or western, it should be colourful and complement the festival.

What to Wear at A Wedding?

A wedding allows you to take out those heavy brocade dresses or those ethnic lehengas from deep down your wardrobe. You can rock the occasion with traditional Indian outfits or western gowns.

Take out those heavy work sarees or lehengas and heavy jewellery or you can go with simple ethnic wear with masterpiece earrings or neckless. If you are confused still, then shop for trending ethnic wear from top female clothing brands in India.

you can also go for western wear. Floor-length gowns in different styles are well suited for a wedding. You can also go for trendy dresses pairing them with statement accessories. Fusion western dresses with Indian ethnic elements are also a hot choice for a wedding.

Keep Versatile Pieces in Your Wardrobe

Always keep some versatile clothing pieces in your wardrobe. Semi casual tops, a white shirt, clean-cut jackets are some clothes, which can go on with any occasion. You can pair them up with your casual as well as formals, to make a statement. You can choose from a wide range of tops, trousers, and dresses from top female clothing brands in India.

Few clothes are must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe. A simple tee in solid colours, a pair of blue denim, a cut to fit jacket, a dress, and trousers in neutral colours are indispensable. If you like to wear Indian outfits too, then you must have Kurtis, leggings and a trendy saree too in your wardrobe.

Always keep a few western, as well as Indian party wears, to avoid eleventh-hour shopping for an occasion. you can buy them well in advance from top female clothing brands in India. If you have a versatile wardrobe you can rock any occasion.

Come on Ladies! Rock it.

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