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Are your suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis then this is the time to consult with the experts because these are the main reasons of joint replacement surgery. You are required to find immediate solutions for these problems because these can be the leading problems of knee problems, hip, wrist and other joint problems. Generally, complete knee replacement is required by people whose age is more than 50, but in unique conditions it can also be done on younger age. Sunway Medical Centre is running all types of Joint Replacement Surgery in Chennai very effectively. Expert doctors provide special care and treatment to all their patients. With the same motive to provide a quality life to people we are working continuously. Do not get stressed if you are searching for knee replacement just come to us and get ready to walk a normal life. The motive of this knee replacement is to re-energize the parts of the knee that have been injured and not working normally as well as to decrease the knee pain that is not possible to be cured by other prescriptions. At Sunway Medical Centre with the help of expert surgeon you get the assured treatment for all your orthopaedic issues. We hit the nail and never distract our customers. Our surgeons are well versed in providing Hip Replacement Surgery in Chennai. This type of treatment helps people to sit like a normal man and perform their best at any play. We serve according to the best of customer's comfort. Our main motto is to cure all types of joints problems faced by people. We help to provide proper functionality to your joint like, knee, hip and wrist etc. Our surgeons suggest you prescriptions based on your age and tell you about the daily schedule of your life after surgery. Knee Replacement Surgery Chennai with us performed by us when patient get failed to find the relief from other treatments and the pain is intolerable and also it is not functioning regularly. These major joints problems faced by people when the cartilage that works for smooth functioning between the joints becomes damaged and the tissues become inflamed. Cartilage helps to rub the bones against each other smoothly. Generally, for minor injuries we have to avoid surgeries but for major injuries it becomes necessary to consult the experts to save you from the further problems. We are a trusted name in medical services and inaugurated by Dr. K. Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu on 19th February 2016. In this very short period we have achieved success in providing Arthroscopic Surgery in Chennai as well as quality medical and surgical services to the people. All of our doctors are experienced and renowned in their profession and they always perform their job expertly. About us In the Chennai City we at Sunway Medical Centre are providing complicated spine surgery, pain management, paediatric orthopaedic, joint replacement and also allied specialty like Regenerative Therapy, Arthroscopic Surgery, Stem cell Therapy and Exercise Treatment. We have sophisticated, well equipped and world class facilities with the team of expert and experienced medical practitioners. With the mission to provide easily accessible, innovative and competitive medical care to the patients we also provide X-ray and Dexa Scan (BMD). Get in Touch with us at: Sunway Medical Centre AH 37/39, Shanthi Colony Main Road, Anna Nagar Chennai – 600040 Mobile No: +91 7092484166 +91 7299927737 +91 9500175423 Email ID: Website:

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