How Tarot Cards and Predictions Work?


Tarot cards are one of the most trusted forms of predictions. They are mainly used to analyze possible outcomes and record influences around a person or event. The tarot cards prediction believes that our future is always flowing and it is impossible to predict future events perfectly.

Instead they try to focus on possibilities and examine the influences associated with the problems. The influences may include some of them that are not known by the subject before reading. 

Tarot reading supports subject with some additional information so that they come up with more up to date choices. It is another branch of research, which should not be considered as a guarantee of result-oriented outcomes. 


A spread is the type of arrangement of the cards used in reading. Each position in a spread is related to the different features of the question asked. The most common are Celtic Cross and Three Fates, though there are many others too.

The Celtic Cross comprise of 10 cards that represent a variety of things that include the influences of the past or future, conflicting influences or personal hopes. 

Major & Minor Arcana

Standard tarot decks comprise of 2 types of cards and they are Major & Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are same as the deck of normal playing cards. They are divided into 4 suits, with each suit consisting of 1 card for one through ten. It also contains face cards termed as knight, king, page and queen.

The Major Arcana are unequalled cards having unique meanings. These cards consist of cards like Temperance, the Fool, the Devil, Strength and Death.

Different online tarot readers possess different ideas from where their real talent comes from. The cards are simply a way to activate the personal talent. Many tarot readers give the credit to the gods or other supernatural powers that place the cards in a perfect order.

Ideally tarot cards prediction is not aimed to answer a firm yes or no to the questions. Most of the readers say that it shouldn’t be actually used to make decisions, instead you should use it as a guide to help you take right decisions. Due to this, it becomes really important as how the questions should be asked.

Generally the tarot readers should keep their options open. If you already have the answers before you go through the tarot cards, then you are not permitting the cards to provide you guidance on overall decision. 

The tarot reader should get into the minute and best details. Do not over detail your question, rather keep it to the point. Rather that considering a single aspect of the problem, find out for another option that could look in details.

If you visit a tarot reader for guidance, make sure you remain positive with your questions rather than being negative for example why a particular even hasn’t work for me is a negative tone whereas what you can do to guide me so that the event goes well.

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