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Book writing has been around since the beginning of humankind itself. However, many beginning writers ponder at what it requires to write a book. Even though there is no formula to write a perfect book, there are certain elements that can help you begin.

Book writing requires impeccable language skills, of course. It cannot, at any point, become boring or stale or else you might risk losing the reader. Nevertheless, the writing of the books, like any other aspect of life, requires plan and research. With a proper strategy, you can devise an appealing book in no time.

1.   Deciding The Story

The first step of any creative work, is deciding the direction you want it to go. It includes proper background and depth of characters. Additionally, the direction of the story is just as important. Without deciding a definite beginning and end, rarely any stories make good books. Therefore, you must decide who it is about, and who is the main character(s).

2.   Summary

You may think that first step covers this aspect. It does not. Summary decides the story’s central idea. Write it down carefully, every aspect of how your story is going to look on the paper. It includes information about what this story/book is going to portray.

3.   Outline

The outline of any story is the blueprint of it. The difference between summary and outline is that summary tells you what the story is, while outline helps you decide how it is going to unfold. Writing the outline provides you with valuable direction.

4.   Chapter After Chapter

After you have decided how the core story is going to unfold, write the first chapter and focus on it. Concentrate on one chapter at a time, rather than worrying about incorporating it in the next one. Even if the two do not match, it only requires minor modifications to merge them.

5.   Finishing And Proofreading

This is the final process of any story, as you prepare to push it for publication. Book writers face the challenge of lacking the proper chapter structures, or even minor mistakes. This is why it is important to thoroughly proofread and fix them, and make necessary modifications beforehand.


You can easily write a book with these steps. However, being creative in your own way can help you stand out in the literary market. Be creative, keep thinking and keep evolving. Additionally, play with structures and conventional rules if you have to.

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