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There are a number of benefits to designing and owning an energy efficient house. Perhaps the most obvious is the energy savings that maximizing heat, ventilation, and lighting will provide. In some communities, going green with energy efficient homes reap incentives from the government in the form of tax exemptions and other subsidies. The use of sustainable materials also helps preserve the environment. Are you serious about making your dream home friendly to the environment? Here are some ideas for building energy-efficient homes in Billings MT.

When planning and designing a new home or for remodeling an already existing house to make way for energy-efficient homes in Billings MT, it is best to consider a holistic approach. This means looking at the many variables and details that may affect energy use, including appliances to be used in the home, insulation and air sealing, lighting, heating and/or cooling, and water use. Keeping all the factors in mind will ensure that you achieve a truly efficient home—a house that makes sense based on the conditions of the local climate and the usage patterns of prospective occupants.

For existing home owners looking to upgrade their houses, some companies offer a service to determine your house’s energy score, which provides a rating of how energy efficient your current set-up is. This will help in determining which areas of the home can be improved in order for it to improve its efficiency.


Some examples of energy efficient technologies that can be utilized for your home are advanced house framing systems, which reduces lumber use for the house to keep it, cool roofing technologies that reflect more sunlight and absorbs less heat which keeps houses cooler in hot weather, and passive solar designs which makes the most of the sites exposure to sunlight for heating in winter and cooling in the summer.


Earth sheltered homes is a form of design strategy to build the home below ground or bermed with a soil barrier. This provides an effective means of insulation and cooling in the summer and heat retention in the colder months and is a very efficient, low energy consumption design.


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