How do I my Amazon FBA ship from address


Although it's not difficult to ship a product from China to an Amazon warehouse, it's more complicated than asking the supplier to put a UPS label on the product and send it to a single Amazon warehouse. At this time you will need an excellent chian freight forwarder Provide this service

Direct to FBA or 3PL / Middlemen

If you ship directly from China, you must instruct your Chinese supplier to prepare the goods in full accordance with FBA specifications. Usually this is not a problem, but sometimes it can be challenging.

The process of shipping products to Amazon FBA actually has two options: you can ship the goods directly from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, or you can first ship to yourself or 3PL and then to Amazon FBA.

The biggest advantage of shipping directly from China to Amazon is that it is faster and cheaper. If shipped directly from China, it usually saves 1-2 weeks of shipping time. You will also eliminate 3PL costs, depending on the size, hundreds or thousands of dollars per shipment.

The biggest hassle of shipping directly to Amazon is that depending on your product type, Amazon is likely to require that your items be shipped to multiple FCs (distribution centers). This is especially true for large items.

Three easy steps to ship directly from China to Amazon

If you want to ship a complete container to Amazon, please read our article and we will walk through the general process

  1. First you need to create a shipment in Seller Center. Amazon doesn't care about the address you enter here because you can't use the partner, the final warehouse address is assigned to you by Amazon back office

  2. Ask your supplier to add a bar code to each individual item and a carton label to each main carton. Please note that this label is very important

  3. Arrange door-to-door service from China to the designated Amazon warehouse address with your freight forwarder. This process will be relatively simple, because your freight forwarder is definitely very professional, they are professional Amazon freight forwarder

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