Tressurge: Do Not Buy Leaked Its Side Effects


Tressurge the bounce curl light cream gel this is an excellent product but I do find that when I use it inappropriately for my hair it does cause flash drive and what I mean by use it inappropriately is is that I use too much which feel watched my wash day fail video hope you all know that I have a tendency to be heavy-handed so in order so for the sake of accuracy I'm actually gonna measure so that I can show exactly how much product I'm using instead of saying like a tablespoon 3/4 of a teaspoon I have I have an actual teaspoon measure 


tressurge reviews that water come out I'm just going to go ahead and keep scratching it in now as I'm doing this I can feel my hair drying out like there's less water in my hair my hair doesn't feel as juicy or a squishy and it's not like I squeezed my hair extra hard and made more water come out of it now normally at this point I would grab more product and apply it to the back of my head I'm not gonna do that right now all right 

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