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vital alpha testo these are keitel friendly I might make some strawberry muffins for Leo and my dad this week so I wanted to get those we did pick out some lunch meat we just got some Bologna we got this is just a chunk of the chihuahua cheese this is like a quesadilla cheese it's treated very good we got some salami for the kids and then I got a fresh thing of parmesan this is zero carbs and I just grade it myself these lasts forever and I've been really missing this on food lately so I picked up one of those we picked up these were also all on sale so these were only $0.99 so I picked up a couple things on mushrooms just to have to throw in some meals which it's never a bad thing Leo is going to barbecue up some of this chorizo for during the week I love chorizo on the grill it's really really good and this is a fresh made one from the deli so yeah we try not to get the ones that um like are in the tubes you know like we'd like to get the fresh ones from the deli so are from like the meat counter and then I picked this off this is some sliced salted pork obviously you see all the salt on it you have to be really really careful with it I didn't get that much because

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